Practical Applications of Dutch oven In Modern Cooking

There are several recipes where the modern chefs require some of the traditional methods of cooking in the traditionally built utensils. And these special type of recipes has a various method of cooking in a particular vessel called Dutch Oven. A Dutch oven is simply a thick-walled pot with a lid, made up of the traditional method of cast iron. The unique ability of the lid is to provide the support the functionality of stacking with the help of the lip where you can gather the coals and start cooking on top of the lid. The Dutch oven usually has three legs which act as a stand when placed on a fire outside. The Dutch oven can also be used a normal cooking vessel like the other cooking oven available for making a unique dish for the people.


There are unique and practicality added by the modern chef by using this traditional vessel to create more delicious and unique dish. Some of the practical uses are mentioned below.


  • Baking

Dutch oven could be used for cooking cakes, bread, pizza, and many other different desserts just by simply placing some hot coals on the top lid and then under the Dutch oven. For baking, it is advisable to place more coals on the top lid rather than under the Dutch oven. This will evenly bake the food without burning it from the bottom.


  • Boiling Food or Water

This is basically a utensil which cooks food in the traditional way by placing the hot coals under the oven. This will built-up the heat from the bottom part same as a modern stove. This could be used for frying food by the same method as boiling the food.


  • Use of Lid

If you quickly need some type of dish to make breakfast or anything then you can just flip the lid and place the lid directly on the hot coals. There can be many things you could cook but make sure to stay near the food for not burning the food. Some of the items that can be fried are eggs, sausages, bacon, and pancakes.


  • Stacking 

If there is a requirement for cooking for more people or you just want to make some variety in your cooking methods, you can simply stack few ovens one-by-one. The preferred number for stacking can be at least three ovens. The largest Dutch oven should be placed at the bottom and cover it with a lid after placing food inside it. After covering it with the lid it, you should place some hot coals on it. Now, directly stack another Dutch oven on top of it. This way you can finish placing all the Dutch ovens one after another and then keep it aside to cook the food.


These are some of the practical applications of the traditional utensil called Dutch oven. This has been used over the centuries and still manages to be used in this modern era where the chefs are always trying to experiment the recipes to make it even better.


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