Hay Day Free Diamonds

– Know More about How to Play

Hay Day is a mobile farming game which is made by a well-known game company named Supercell. The main goal of building this game is to create a farm producing profits by buying and selling goods with the other players. As such the concept of building this game is quite simple to understand but it is quite hard to master the game. This could even take several months before you can call it yourself a pro player. Fortunately, if you stick to the basics right from setting up the farm perfectly, focusing on building income, and interacting with other players for trading, you are definitely going to have a great successful career in this game.

Setting up The Farm

Before start playing this game you need to first download this game named ‘Hay Day’ on your mobile device. It is available on both the platforms Android as well as iOS. After installing the game, you will be getting an introductory tutorial about the game and how to play it in simple steps. After the tutorial, you will be ready to plant your first crops at some land area provided in the game. In this way, you can set up your working farm easily. The other interesting feature that this game provides that is you can populate the farm by buying new animals. There can be chickens at the start but as you rise up few levels more animals will be unlocked. These animals will help you generate more gold coins which is an essential part of this game.


Concept of Diamonds

The use of diamonds should be done carefully and wisely as they are provided to you in a limited amount. Basically what these diamonds do is to provide you the boost to speed up your farm to work quickly. This can be used to build up some things quickly where some waiting time is allotted to build or produce it, which can be instantly finished by using diamonds. This will increase your level very quickly and you will progress further into the game at a much faster rate. It is important not to use this diamonds vigorously as this diamonds couldn’t be recover and it would play a much important role in the later part of the game. You can also get Hay Day Free Diamonds  when you log in your account with Facebook, by watching some paid videos and many other options are available.



In short, you’ll need to work your way up this game to become a very successful player. The main aspect you need to follow is to create more and more coins by completing the different missions provided in the Hay Day’s bulletin board where you earn coins by completing certain tasks. The reason why you require lots of coins, as you need to purchase many different types of crops, equipment, and various animals from other player to complete certain milestones. These coins can be steadily created at a regular pace by planting and harvesting the crops and by selling them to the other players. Hay Day is indeed a fun game to enjoy.




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